Lone Wrangler Jeep - Adventures of a Man and his Jeep 
This project is a series of images that me and my friend Doug Hyland are doing. Doug is a bad ass Jeep Rider and on this page we will bring to you one new adventure every week or two. 

The goal is to have a lot of cool photos here with a lot of different moods, always natural and using nice colors. So feel free to check and comment, this can be a cool way to learn and exchange skills. 

Our goal is to have around 30 images here. Stay tuned to see how far we will come.
1st Mood: Between Rocks 
Original Shot
Final Image after mood applied. 
2nd Mood: Cave Feelings 
Original Shot
Mood Applied 
STAY TUNED FOR MORE IMAGES NEXT WEEK... If you like it leave your comment.
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