Meet Hugo Ceneviva, the guy who brings digital art to life! Originally from Brazil, he's been rocking the creative scene in the US since 2014. Picture this: a decade of passion, crossing borders, and leaving a creative mark everywhere he goes.
Hugo's not your average creative retoucher. He's been the secret sauce behind projects with big names like Tim Tadder Photography, Elevendy Studio, Icon LLC Dubai, and more. Magazines love him too – he's been featured in over 15, with four appearances in the prestigious Advanced Photoshop publication.
But Hugo's not just about the art; he's a digital art advocate. He's the brains behind the Dodge & Burn Podcast, where he sparks conversations about the future of art in Brazil.
Now, let's talk highlights. Hugo's portfolio is a treasure trove of cool stuff. He's worked his magic on campaigns featuring legends like Stan Lee and made Paris Hilton's magazine cover look even more magical. Ever seen Sports Illustrated covers? Yup, he's the wizard behind four simultaneous showcases. Oh, and collaborations with Ken Block on Toyo Tires and the Asics worldwide campaign? That's Hugo's versatility and impact in action.
Big shots like Apple, Google, Intel, and Sports Illustrated trust Hugo's creative flair. Whether it's the rugged vibes of Tincup Whiskey or the sporty energy of Adidas Golf, Hugo's work speaks to everyone, breaking boundaries and cultural barriers.
His toolkit is stacked – Photoshop, Camera Raw, Capture One, and Adobe Bridge are his playground. His retouching style? Versatile and detail-oriented, always hitting the mark.
Hugo isn't just an artist; he's a former Art Director. He gets the big picture, turning projects into visual stories that stick. Juggling creativity with killer project management skills, Hugo dives into big projects and tight deadlines like a pro.
But here's the kicker – he's not just a lone wolf. Hugo's the team player you've been dreaming of, effortlessly blending leadership and communication to push artistic boundaries. His self-motivated work ethic is always seeking the next big thing in his craft.
So, when you roll with Hugo Ceneviva, you're not just getting a retoucher; you're getting a collaborator who sprinkles magic into every pixel. Get ready to embrace a visual storytelling future with Hugo – it's a ride you won't want to miss! ✨

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