Lamborghini Beach #2


As an artist my favorite thing its to push myself and try to create different and creative visuals in my personal projects. That's when i have full freedom to really show my technique e perception. I truly believe that this is the only way of evolve and become better.

On this image, i spent many hours trying to craft a new color mood, with green and orange been my predominant colors. It was a crazy challenge to make something that i felt was beautiful with those colors. But i finally can share happy and confident with the results.
I would love to hear what you guys think…. 

Did you like this image? Did you like the colors even been different?

As visual artists we HAVE TO PUSH for greatness, we have to try different thing in order to succeed. Now on to the next challenge. Special thanks to my friends Ciro and George and Pepê Alram for the tips and comments. 

Shot by @danielpressler , amazing car by @zod619 . #lamborghini #fastcars #lambo #sandiego #postproduction #retoucherwork #adobephotoshop
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