BMW CSL 3.0 

Only 50 cars were made with this specs.

Back in 2015, BMW hinted at a revival of one of its most iconic sports cars ever with the 3.0 CSL Hommage R concept. It was a muscular modern interpretation of the 3.0 CSL homologation special built in small quantities in the 1970s, which earned the nickname "Batmobile" thanks to the race car's dramatic aerodynamic package. Now, seven years later, BMW has finally made that concept a reality, reviving the 3.0 CSL nameplate for a new limited-edition sports car that attempts to distill the core values of the M division and its illustrious motorsports history into one vehicle.

A secret owner and collector trusted us to bring these images to life and we are happy to present to you today.

We went crazy on the colors to bring all the cool details of this piece of art in a dynamic and creative way. So say hello to the “Batmobile”

Ps: we are probably the only ones with shots of this car besides @bmwusa .

Thats how exclusive this project is. So happy to be a small part of the process and working with my good friend @oliverhphoto .

Photography: @oliverhphoto
Retouching: @hugo_ceneviva
Location: Secret

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