We are super proud to present this work to you guys, the Adidas Golf 2018 Imagery for North America. This was a HUGE project that had a lot of people working on each field to make sure all look amazing when launched.

Me and my team retouched around 100 images including talent, apparel and macro shots of the shoes. Basically all the images you are seeing bellow we got the honor to work on. This post has 1 year of amazing imagery developed specific for ADIDAS GOLF to use on North America. 

My part was to be the manager of all retouching and responsible for mood and look and feel.  I also did many images and this was a big challenge for me and my team back in the day. 

This campaign is called TOUR 360º and we couldn't be happier to be part of this amazing project. 

Check it out all the cool images that we did and if you like it, leave a comment. 

Vitro Agency 2020 - All rights reserved.  
Post Production: Hugo Ceneviva and VEIL Team.
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