2022 Rivian- Spring // Colorado Location.  
Mission:  Wrangle an R1T, and get it into a location I've been interested in for a little while.  Time the seasonal development so we still had some snow up-high, and work to highlight the vehicle performance in a single key-driver frame, with supporting content along the way.  A keen interest in SciFi and the relationship I feel with increased tech-integration with EV's inspired the desire to integrate some sort of SciFi elements into the Key Driver frame for fun. Some shared retouching with a friend I've wanted to work with for years now, got us where I felt like we had something to show as a pitch to Rivian.  
Additionally, we needed supporting frames that could stand on their own as needed; highlighting both the location as well as the looks of the vehicle with a seamless marriage of landscape was authentic.  
Original concept and photoWilzy (www.wilzfoto.com)
Retouching: Hugo Ceneviva (https://hugoceneviva.art/) // Wilzy
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