2022 Rivian- Spring // Colorado Location.  
Mission:  Wrangle an R1T, and get it into a location I've been interested in for a little while.  Time the seasonal development so we still had some snow up-high, and work to highlight the vehicle performance in a single key-driver frame, with supporting content along the way.  A keen interest in SciFi and the relationship I feel with increased tech-integration with EV's inspired the desire to integrate some sort of SciFi elements into the Key Driver frame for fun. Some shared retouching with a friend I've wanted to work with for years now, got us where I felt like we had something to show as a pitch to Rivian.  
Additionally, we needed supporting frames that could stand on their own as needed; highlighting both the location as well as the looks of the vehicle with a seamless marriage of landscape was authentic.  
Original concept and photoWilzy (www.wilzfoto.com)
Retouching: Hugo Ceneviva (https://hugoceneviva.art/) // Wilzy
The connection between vehicle, alignment of company core values and the natural world, and what we bring to the table to highlight this, was super important to me. I'm still working to source backgrounds/elements to compliment the Rivian palette and to highlight this connection. What are we doing, if we're not working to protect our home planet from ourselves?  Strategic associations can be useful. 
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